Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad breath?

Nala must have been worried about having bad breath this morning.  I was gone w/ the kids for about 30 minutes...only to find this nice surprise in the front room when I got back:

She ate almost 2 full packs of gum, a couple of oreos, and whatever cereal was left in the cereal box. I thought I closed the pantry before I left...but I guess I should have checked again.

I don't know about you, but chewing just one piece of the 'Big Red' gum is enough for me...and she ATE the whole package (aluminum wrappers and all)...

I've given her some hydrogen peroxide (the vet told us to give her a 1/2 tsp so she'll throw it all up). She's outside right now and doesn't want to come in...
Let's just hope she has a good rest of the day and an even better night!
Gotta love our Nala!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My own...

Hurray!  I got a personal trainer (read previous post...) I didn't win it though...Randy got it for me!  I'm planning on giving it a try tonight and starting either the 6 day or 30 day challenge (depending on which is more flexible)...I'll be sure to blog about my experience.  I'm so excited to start working out again...last week was a rough one...wish me luck!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Personal Trainer

I wish I could afford a 'real' personal trainer!  It would give me all the motivation I need to keep working out and to eat healthy every I thought I'd give this giveaway a shot...they're giving away an EA Sports Active Personal Trainer!  I want to win one!!

Go here to enter the giveaway

p.s. tired of my giveaways?  I figure it doesn't hurt to enter, and someday I may actually win something!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 5

Happy Groundhog Day! I guess he saw his we still have another 6 weeks left of winter...just when I thought spring was around the corner! Oh well, the last few days have been nice, other than the 'inversion' The air is so dirty right now, I feel bad for people w/ asthma.

This week has been a great week! I lost 3.5 lbs! I didn't do anything special, just stuck to my regular work out and tried not to snack after dinner (most nights) :)
This week I'm doing ok so far, I only managed to squeeze in 30 mins of exercise yesterday instead of my usual hour. With the super bowl coming up this weekend I hope everyone stays on track...I plan to at least have a platter of raw veggies around so I don't over indulge on wings or cheetos!

It's a new month which means I can start over and recommit to accomplishing my goals...I started slacking on my 'organizing' goals, so I gotta make up for that, but I was able to fit (more like squeeze) into my pre-pregnancy jeans the other day and that just made my day! I have been in an awkward 'in between' stage since I had Anna...Too small to fit into my maternity clothes, yet too big to fit into my regular clothes...Isn't it funny how such a little thing can have such a big impact? I still have a way to go, but it's these little victories that will help me to progress. I have decided that although exercising is not my favorite thing in the world right now...eventually I will like it, and by then I will have seen benefits from I'm sticking with it!

On another note, Valentine's day is just around the corner! I remember the days I used to look forward to a trip to Victoria's Secret...not so much lately! I'm working on it though, so maybe in two weeks I'll change my mind :) Sorry I may have shared too much just now....
I'm sure I'm not the only woman out there with this issue. Sometimes it's just hard to look in the mirror after having kids (especially when you had the amazing body that I did! hahahaha I hope you don't think I'm being serious here)...but then I remember how beautiful, healthy, and blessed my children are...and suddenly a few stretch marks here and there don't seem so horrible! I would do it over again in a heart beat for my children.  Plus, it helps that I have such a supportive and loving husband...who still finds me attractive.  Sometimes I just need to not doubt that, and be grateful I've been blessed with children.

It IS important to make time for ourselves, and to have some 'me' time. I don't think it's selfish, because as the main caregiver, if we're not feeling good, we can't take care of our families. So a trip to the salon or spa once in a while is almost a requirement to staying sane! Even just little things help...have you ever had a nice bath and then done your nails or something, and you almost feel like a new person!? I have! I always say a little nail polish on your toe nails goes a long way! Speaking of, I need a pedicure asap :) 
Randy always makes it a point to buy me things that make me feel 'pretty' ( sounds kinda pathetic, but sometimes I need 'stuff') such as my favorite (though expensive) perfume J'adore, and my favorite (though over priced) brand of make up Lanc√≥me.  How many of your husbands know the exact shade of foundation/powder you wear?  Randy does!  Because he buys it for me all the time!  Thanks mijo!

The moral of the story is, take care of yourself so you can then take care of others....everyone's happier that way. 

Have a fun week and though I ramble a lot, I will be blogging again soon! (Lucky you)