Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm bringing Spring back!

Forget about bringing Sexy back...I'm bringing Spring back!  (If only through my blog...)

The way the weather has been the last couple of days, has given us a lot more time indoors...and what better thing to do than get caught up on my blog!?  (I guess there are more productive things I could be doing)...
But since Anna's napping, and Jacob is happily playing w/ his toys and watching curious George...why not post some pics!?
For family home evening this past monday, we decided it was the perfect Spring weather, to get some ice cream, and fly a kite!  We went to the MTC Learning Park in Ogden.  It was a nice day, it just wasn't as windy as we thought it was to fly a kite.
Jacob was so cute!  He kept bringing me 'flowers' (aka weeds)!  He had so much fun that by the time we got home he was ready for bed!  He didn't even talk in his room before falling asleep like he usually does...Here are some pics of our little outing :)

These were my 'flowers' :)

This is how we knew it was time to go home...
(He was frustrated with his kite here)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Baby

Hahahaha!  I bet you thought I was announcing I was preggers again!  My new baby is actually a new blog!  I decided to dedicate this blog for Family Adventures (as the title suggests)...and all my fitness/deal findings will now be posted on my new blog! 
Come check it out!  It's called Healthy, Provident Life...I like it! 
Hope to see your comments on there!
I'll be posting some family pics on this one soon...