Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Baby

Hahahaha!  I bet you thought I was announcing I was preggers again!  My new baby is actually a new blog!  I decided to dedicate this blog for Family Adventures (as the title suggests)...and all my fitness/deal findings will now be posted on my new blog! 
Come check it out!  It's called Healthy, Provident Life...I like it! 
Hope to see your comments on there!
I'll be posting some family pics on this one soon...


Marylynne said...

I know we havent seen each other forever! We need to go out again with everyone since we missed the last one!
Yep Ethan is walking. Its crazy he just one day figured it out and he hasnt stopped!
How's anna doing?

Bethany said...

Great new blog! I keep thinking about making another one too because I always want to post so many things besides family stuff. Maybe if I can keep up with my gluten free blog then I'll do another.

I'm excited to follow your new one!