Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 week status...

I lost 2 pounds!  yay!  That brings my total to 4 pounds lost in 4 weeks! 1 pound/ week is exactly what I need to be doing :)

This past week I exercised more than the previous one.  I also started a food diary...which lasted about 3 days! :(  Since I'm nursing it just wasn't accurate for me.  I tried to make it on 1224 calories/day a couple of those 3 days...and by the third day I felt like I had been fasting for a week!  So maybe I need to call my doctor and see how many calories he suggests for a nursing mother.  I read somewhere (maybe fitness magazine?) that it should be more like 1900 calories/day.  That sounds better!

Good luck in your efforts to lose weight and we'll see how I do this week!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Solution? Maybe

Everytime we go out to eat with our two wonderful kids(not being sarcastic, they really are wonderful) I am reminded why we hardly ever do!  Little Princess Anna does ok as long as she's entertained.  I guess Jacob is the same way, except what works one day to entertain him, may bore him to death the next! 
So I found this giveaway for a 'designer diner'  this is how they describe it "This handy little mat does double duty with a wipe-clean placemat on one side and a reusable chalk mat on the other. The Designer Diner also includes a 12 piece box of (non-toxic) chalk hidden in a coordinating pouch that easily detaches. And mamas, don't worry about it taking up your whole diaper bag. Simply roll the Designer Diner up and tie the matching ribbon to secure."
I entered the giveaway and I'm excited to see if I win!  If I don't win...I may just have to buy one...

You can go here to enter the giveaway!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3rd Week...

This week was one of those weeks that I'd rather not re-live again :)  Only because I only exercised once this week! :(  I had two sick kids, a sick husband, and now a sick that's my excuse!  Really though, it's been rough w/ the kids having a cold, I was just so tired at the end of the day for exercise, and forget about waking up early for it.  I was up multiple times during the night and the only time the kids have both slept in past 8 am and I have felt well rested was the last couple of days! 
So enough complaining right? 
I'm not going to let a rough week ruin my ultimate goal (lose 20 pounds by the end of May)...So last night after everyone was asleep, I stayed up and exercised w/ the help of our Wii fit!  I ran about 8.5 miles! YAY!  It felt good to sweat after not exercising for 5 days!  So I didn't loose any weight this week, but I didn't gain any this week I just gotta concentrate on exercising more regularly.  Does anybody else have a hard time spelling exercise?  I spell check it EVERY time!  You'd think I would know how to spell it by now.

On another note, I said my next post would be about my cute kids w/ pictures included so here I go.
Anna is now a crawling little princess!  She wants to put everything in her mouth, and has started standing in her crib and pack n' play!  My little baby is not so little anymore, and that makes me kinda sad.  I take twice as long putting her down to sleep lately because I just love how soft, warm and cuddly she is!  She's sure a mama's girl!  Poor Randy tries to help with her and as long as she doesn't see me she's fine (most of the time), but as soon as she sees me, she wants me to hold her.  How can you resist a little princess like this? 

Our little Jacob is such a bright little guy.  He learns so many words and things every day, he amazes me.  Yesterday I had the hardest time getting him to let me bathe Randy got home from work and tried and tried to convince him to go upstairs and take a bath.  Finally Randy convinced him by promising bubbles in the tub!  Jacob got a 'blueberry' scented bubble bath bottle in his stocking for Christmas, and we still hadn't used it.  So Randy bathed him, and Jacob was just so agreeable and happy, I just couldn't believe it!  He had been throwing fits everytime I even mentioned the word 'bath'...
Sometimes Randy's got the magic touch with the kids! 

Here's Jacob at Autie Kay's house on Christmas Eve

He loves wearing his BYU hat!

Here he is at the Temple Square Lights...exploring!

I was happy Randy was able to bathe Jacob, because it gave me time to catch up on my reading!  I don't have time to read books, I actually rarely have the time to read 'an article', so it was nice to just relax for a few minutes and read "Elle magazine" of all the magazines I have! LOL  I have so many magazines, I fill up our 'recycle' bin every other week!  I had free subscriptions to a whole bunch of magazines this year, everything from 'Parents' to 'Martha Stewart Living' to 'Shape'  Most of the subscriptions have expired, but it was fun to have all those mags to read...not that I read them all, I have to admit, most times they just took up space in my kitchen.  Anyways, where is this going?  Oh yeah, I got them all from my favorite blog I just love it!

These past couple of weeks I have been slowly 'dejunking' my house, and it shows!  I don't get so overwhelmed now, and I'm not constantly stressing about things I need to do around the house.  It has been nice for everyone!  So I've had success becoming 'somewhat' organized, and I'll continue working at it, as well as working on my weight loss.

Have a happy week and I'll keep updating my progress!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

According to my scale...

I have lost 2 pounds!  YAY!  I know this is not a big deal because our bodies naturally fluctuate a couple of pounds up or down every day due to various reasons...BUT at least I'm not gaining right?
This week I need to make more of an effort to exercise daily and REALLY cut down on my evening snacking...
I have been eating better though, and last week I exercised more than I have exercised in months!  So here's to better weeks ahead!

I was inspired today by one of my neighbors who goes to the gym at 5:30am every morning!  I love sleep it's true, but I love being fit and in shape even more! 

What are some ways to eat 'healthier' snacks and not reach for the chips and salsa every chance I get??  I still have plenty of candy and treats left over from other than throw them out or feed them to Jacob and Randy exclusively...I guess moderation is KEY.
I'm learning as I go, so sorry if my posts are redundant and boring.

May we all accomplish our goals this year!  Now off to visit teach...

I promise my next post will be of our cute kids w/ pictures included :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year...a new me??

Happy 2010!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season!

This year I have a lot of personal goals I need to work to of my main 'non-spiritual' goals, apart from finally becoming an organized person, is to loose at least 20 pounds before may!  Why May?  My sister's getting married!  I gotta rock the red bridesmaid's dress! hahaha Seriously though, I haven't lost ANY weight since my initial loss when I went in for my 6 week post-partum check.  This time around it has taken me A LOT longer to loose the baby weight...and I'm going to be 30 in I'm only going down hill from there (metabolism slowing down etc)! 
So by my birthday, which is March 20th, I hope to be close to my weight loss goal.
How do I intend to do this?  I wish there was an easy way, which would also be a healthy way for me to loose the weight...but I'm sticking to the good ol' eating healthy, and exercise routine.  I talked to my Doctor, and since I'm nursing, I can't exactly be on a low calory diet...and I need to be careful about the exercise I do, or it can all lead to a decrease in milk production. 

We have Wii fit plus and I exercised every night for about 2 weeks...and then the holidays came around!  I have a pantry full of treats and candy (thanks to a great sale at Randy's work!) I put them in the pantry... now at least they're out of sight, and not on the counter tops...
I hadn't ever been a 'sweets' kind of person, but ever since I was pregnant with Anna I discovered that chocolate and sweets are almost a necessity!!  Good for my taste buds...bad for my thighs!

So the point of this blog is for someone, anyone who reads hold me accountable!

My sister in law is training to run in the Ogden Marathon this summer...and I'm considering the option...I have never been in a marathon, but looking at all the people that run in marathons...I want to have their stamina and their bodies! 

My biggest obstacle is making time to exercise...because that means I would have to do it before the kids wake up in the morning ( I love sleep too much), or after they go to bed (They are both asleep by around 9:30pm).  I can't really exercise while they're awake...I have tried and it just doesn't work with a 2 and a half year old and almost 8 month old!  I guess I could be exercising right now too instead of blogging :)

So wish me luck!  I want to be able to look back at my pictures when I was 30 and say "Wow!  I looked better than when I was 20!"

Any tips for me?

p.s. I have decided to start recording 'The biggest Loser' for some inspiration! :)