Saturday, January 23, 2010

Solution? Maybe

Everytime we go out to eat with our two wonderful kids(not being sarcastic, they really are wonderful) I am reminded why we hardly ever do!  Little Princess Anna does ok as long as she's entertained.  I guess Jacob is the same way, except what works one day to entertain him, may bore him to death the next! 
So I found this giveaway for a 'designer diner'  this is how they describe it "This handy little mat does double duty with a wipe-clean placemat on one side and a reusable chalk mat on the other. The Designer Diner also includes a 12 piece box of (non-toxic) chalk hidden in a coordinating pouch that easily detaches. And mamas, don't worry about it taking up your whole diaper bag. Simply roll the Designer Diner up and tie the matching ribbon to secure."
I entered the giveaway and I'm excited to see if I win!  If I don't win...I may just have to buy one...

You can go here to enter the giveaway!


Stephanie said...

That is really cool. That would be a good investment.

Joel said...

Yeah, we've been eating out less and less since Logan was born and Kaylee got really mobile.

It's just not easy anymore.