Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Garden!

Randy spent about 9 hours outside working yesterday! He finished planting our garden, mowed and trimmed the lawn and put down black paper by the garden beds (weed control). I was able to help here and there while Jacob slept/was awake and happy. To our raspberries and strawberries, Randy added 2 kinds of corn, cantaloupe and pumpkins! We are hoping at least one of those veggies actually grows. It's our first time planting a garden so if we're able to at least grow one of those things we will be happy! The good thing is we were pleasantly surprised to find really moist, healthy soil. I thought it was going to be really dry, but it was actually perfect. Now the trick is to water them properly. Right? I have a tendency to over water our plants. When we first got married I killed like 3 plants because I was totally over watering them. I hope I'm able to keep our veggies from drowning. I guess I need to read up on some gardening tips. Do any of you have any tips for us? Like I said, we're totally new at this so any help/suggestions we can get are welcome!

Working hard in the hot sun!

The bottom bed is cantaloupe, the two right beds are corn, bottom left is pumpkins, top left is strawberries and very back is raspberries!

Raspberry bush and strawberries :)

Raspberries :)

At one point during our busy day of lawn work yesterday I had to go and sit in the grass with Jacob because he was bored of just looking at us in the distance. He had been playing in the pack n' play outside (in the shade). He just loved playing in the grass...but after a little while he figured out you can eat grass too! I got a few pictures...

-Playing in the grass/Eating the grass-

We are still doing some work indoors too, my bathroom is almost finished! Thank you mijo for working so hard!
I'll have to post some pictures when it's done.

On another note, this morning we got the scare of our life! Randy took Nala out this morning as usual, then he came inside to finish getting ready for work. He was almost out the door and asked me if Nala had come in yet. She still hadn't but I didn't think anything of it because she does that all the time. So Randy went out to the side yard and the gate was open! Randy went around the block but wasn't able to find her :( He got in the car and drove up and down the streets near by and still no luck! I was so afraid because #1 She is the cutest little dog ever, and #2 She doesn't know anything about surviving on her I was praying Randy either found her or one of our neighbors found her and was nice enough to call the phone number on her collar. Jacob had just woken up and was hungry so I wasn't able to go out and look...all I could do was pray. And about 20 minutes later Randy came back...and out jumped Nala! I guess she was just a street over sniffing around the neighbor's lawn. But Randy said he drove up and down that street at least 3 times! I'm so grateful our prayers were answered! I love Nala! She can annoy me to death sometimes, but I love her like my child! She just turned 4 on the 27th actually. She's such a good dog, and she's been so good with Jacob. I'm so relieved and happy we didn't lose her. Note to self: Be kinder to Nala today :)

-Why we love Nala-

Monday, May 19, 2008


That's Spanish for 'mischievous' (rough translation)...and it's Jacob's new nick name! He is into everything! He can pull himself up onto just about everything in our front room...including the plants :( He loves to press buttons so the entertainment center down stairs is perfect for him! Needless to say we can't really watch t.v. when he's around. His new skill of the week is rocking sideways while standing. He started doing that on Friday and he just has such a blast rocking when he's in the crib or pack n' play. He also started throwing his toys out of the pack n' play for Nala to play with! Nala absolutely loves Jacob right now, in fact, anytime he eats she patiently waits by the high chair and 'cleans up' any food he may drop! They are going to be best of friends...we'll see I guess. Nala has been such a patient dog lately. Jacob will follow her around (crawling) until she either goes downstairs or Jacob finds something more interesting to look at.
We have been grilling out back lately and while Randy grills I sit out there with Jacob and throw the ball to Nala. Jacob loves it! He loves to be outdoors and he loves to see Nala run around...and she loves it too! We sat him in the grass the other day and I wish I had brought my camera out! It was so funny to see him react to all the grass on his skin, one of these days I'll have to get a picture of it...
Here's a video of Jacob rocking...I took it this morning! I should mention Randy had just stepped out of the nursery so Jacob was looking out the door for him. Jacob is a happy baby in the mornings :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The day has arrived...

I had been preparing, and expecting this day for a few days now...and it still shocked me! I walked into the nursery on Monday after Jacob's first nap...and he had been playing happily in there for a few when he started crying I went in there to get him...and there he was...STANDING IN HIS CRIB!! I'm not sure how long he had been standing there, but he wasn't happy when I walked in. I had to get pictures though...which made him cry even more! So I only got a couple of pictures and got him out of the crib. The next morning when he woke up from his first nap, I went in right away and got pictures of a much happier baby standing up. :) He has been standing in his crib ever since! And that has made it difficult for him to take naps...since I usually just lay him down in his crib while he's drowsy but awake, he will sit up, then stand up...and stay awake! He really only took about a 20 minute nap all day yesterday. He was too busy trying to climb on things, crawling around, and exploring. Last night he even tried to climb upstairs to where Randy was! He successfully climbed the first step but tried to sit down and fell back...He wasn't a happy baby in the evening...he was cranky and not his usual smiley-faced boy, but he just didn't want to sleep! Too much to do I guess...At the end of the day he was an exhausted baby, he fell asleep around 7:30 and slept until 7:30 this morning! Here is a video...for some reason it won't let me add pictures right now so I'll have to post some pictures later...hope you enjoy!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby on the go...

Jacob is now able to crawl and can pull himself up! He can also sit up on his own after he's been on his stomach. The other day we witnessed his first successful attempt to pull himself up...I think he was more surprised than we were! He used the stereo to stand up :)

Jacob can also do some nice YOGA poses, like 'downward dog' He will smile back at us while he's doing it too. :) I told Randy maybe he'll be a gymnast...ha,ha why are there so many negative stereo types about male gymnasts?? Randy got some good pictures of him yesterday, they are my favorite yet...I'll have to post some of them. Jacob just keeps getting more and more independent...I can't believe he will be a year old in a few weeks! Which also means uncle Jon is coming home from his mission in a few weeks too! Woo hoo! I love Jon so much, he's going to have so much fun getting to know his 3 nephews. I can't wait for June 23 to come!
Here are Jacob's latest pictures...

We have been keeping busy trying to get our garden/yard ready. We want to plant some veggies this with this dry soil...wish us luck! We have also been doing some work in the house. We got our bedroom painted this week...and when I say "we" I mean Randy painted our bedroom! Jacob didn't really let me do anything that day (of course!) So I helped Randy tape some of the room, and he pretty much did it all himself! It turned out nice, I love it! I feel like it's more "our" room now, instead of just blank, plain, white walls. We are moving on to the bathrooms next...we have decided to finally get rid of the yellow-colored bathroom! I don't know what the previous owners were thinking when they painted it yellow? And then on to the TV room downstairs, that will be the most work...but we're looking forward to some color down there too! Once we have things finished I'll have to post some before and after pictures...