Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today was a day I will always remember...

I went shopping to Old Navy for their sweet $5 deals...and as I was loading Anna and Jacob into the car to go home, I thought it would be a good idea to start the car because it was so hot out. I had the air going in the car but not the air conditioning. The doors automatically locked when I turned on the car and I thought for a second that I should unlock them...and I should have!

Because I had all the doors open I didn't think anything of it, until somehow I managed to close all the doors and lock my children in a hot car while it was running!!! I was panicking because I don't have a cell phone and I didn't want to run all the way to the store to call someone. I had planned to call Randy because he's usually the calm one under stress. I didn't have much time to think because the temperature in the car was already super hot. I thought maybe I should just break a window, but then I saw a couple across the way getting into their truck. I ran and amidst tears managed to ask if they had a cell phone I could use. I explained to them what happened and they said they would call the police because they would be there in no time to help me out. So the kind lady (I forgot her name) called the police, and a few long minutes later we saw the fire department coming down the road. We flagged them to where we were and they said they just 'happened' to be driving down the road. By now it had been close to 10 minutes for the kids, and they were both doing so well. Anna wasn't crying, but she was awake and moving around, and Jacob just kept smiling at me when I would look into the car. I have to say I have never felt more helpless and guilty! I can't believe I locked them in there!!

Anyway, a couple of minutes later we saw the police officer coming down the road and he had some tools to open the car. I guess he had two sets because one of the fire fighters was on one door and he was on another trying to open the car. For those intense minutes, I prayed harder than I have prayed in a long time. And of course, my prayers were answered when the police officer got the door open!

We even had a 'random' pedestrian drive by and stop and get out of his car and offer to help the officer to get the door open.
I am so so grateful for the kindness and help all those people were to me today. When we got the kids out, Jacob had sweat running down his face but was otherwise ok. We gave him water and took them both out of the car. They checked Anna's pulse because she's so young...and everything was ok.

What an experience... I have heard of mothers who have done that with catastrophic results, and I thought I would never be one of those moms who locked their kids in the car. I'm so thankful everything turned out ok and that I was able to be helped by so many people.

Note to self: keep an extra set of keys in my purse.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Jacob turned 2 on the 24th! We had Jon and Kevin over for some cake and ice cream...
We are so grateful for them and their thoughtfulness and love...Jacob loves them! And so do we.
We are also grateful for Jacob and his endless energy! He is such a loving and kind little boy. Our lives have been blessed so much because of Jacob.
We love you so much Jacob, you are a wonderful big brother and a fun-loving little guy.
Te queremos mucho mi amorcito! (Hopefully one day he understands that)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Jacob has been counting to 10 for a while now but we hadn't gotten it on tape...sorry about the bright video! He sounds so cute when he says 'seden' :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where's Waldo?

I had my citizenship ceremony yesterday and it was wonderful! Can you find me in this picture? I can't!

I was surprised at how emotional the ceremony was, it was amazing to see over 150 people from about 44 countries come together to become citizens of the greatest country on earth! It was so interesting to hear the different stories of what it meant for people to become a citizen. Some of my favorite ones- There was a guy from Mexico who said he had been living here for 20 years and he came here when he was adopted by an american family. He is now a Scientist and hopes to be a mentor and help kids, just like he was helped!
Another guy from Africa (who was 6'7) said that from the day he came here, he woke up the next morning grateful that he didn't have to worry about his safety or wonder about his future, because he was in America!

Becoming a US citizen for me is such a blessing. Who would have thought a little Salvadorean girl would end up here! If I can find pictures of where I grew up I'll post them, but it's like night and day! Plus I feel there are so many opportunities not only to progress personally, but to help others. I love the values on which this country was founded. I'm grateful to those whose lives where lost so we could have all these freedoms. Like the judge said yesterday "Freedom, is not Free"
I just want to say there's nowhere else I'd rather be, and nowhere else I'd rather raise our children!

I had such a great day yesterday. Randy's aunt took care of the kids while we went, and it was such a blessing because there's no way Jacob would have made it through the 3 hours!
After we picked up Anna and Jacob, we came home and my father in law came over for a bit. Then Randy made us an 'American' dinner. It consisted of steak, mushrooms, corn, root beer floats and crenshaw melons! It was so delicious! Thanks mijo!

So now I have a certificate that states I'm a naturalized citizen, and soon we'll be applying for our we are at the end of the ceremony with my certificate.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jacob and Anna

Can you believe Anna is 5 weeks old already? We hung out outside yesterday while Randy mowed the lawn and here are some pics of our children...