Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where's Waldo?

I had my citizenship ceremony yesterday and it was wonderful! Can you find me in this picture? I can't!

I was surprised at how emotional the ceremony was, it was amazing to see over 150 people from about 44 countries come together to become citizens of the greatest country on earth! It was so interesting to hear the different stories of what it meant for people to become a citizen. Some of my favorite ones- There was a guy from Mexico who said he had been living here for 20 years and he came here when he was adopted by an american family. He is now a Scientist and hopes to be a mentor and help kids, just like he was helped!
Another guy from Africa (who was 6'7) said that from the day he came here, he woke up the next morning grateful that he didn't have to worry about his safety or wonder about his future, because he was in America!

Becoming a US citizen for me is such a blessing. Who would have thought a little Salvadorean girl would end up here! If I can find pictures of where I grew up I'll post them, but it's like night and day! Plus I feel there are so many opportunities not only to progress personally, but to help others. I love the values on which this country was founded. I'm grateful to those whose lives where lost so we could have all these freedoms. Like the judge said yesterday "Freedom, is not Free"
I just want to say there's nowhere else I'd rather be, and nowhere else I'd rather raise our children!

I had such a great day yesterday. Randy's aunt took care of the kids while we went, and it was such a blessing because there's no way Jacob would have made it through the 3 hours!
After we picked up Anna and Jacob, we came home and my father in law came over for a bit. Then Randy made us an 'American' dinner. It consisted of steak, mushrooms, corn, root beer floats and crenshaw melons! It was so delicious! Thanks mijo!

So now I have a certificate that states I'm a naturalized citizen, and soon we'll be applying for our we are at the end of the ceremony with my certificate.


Stephanie said...

That is so exciting! Congrats. I am excited for you to be able to go see your family. You look so good. I don't know what you are talking about silly.

Tandi said...

That is awesome! Good for you! Reading that brought a tear to my eye.

Joel said...


Let's go to Mexico!! Or Canada. Or whatever.

Ferguson Family said...

That is so awesome. CONGRATS Claudia! You deserve it!

jeneric94 said...

I cried too, that was very touching. Thank you for sharing your special experience! We love you!