Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3rd Week...

This week was one of those weeks that I'd rather not re-live again :)  Only because I only exercised once this week! :(  I had two sick kids, a sick husband, and now a sick me...so that's my excuse!  Really though, it's been rough w/ the kids having a cold, I was just so tired at the end of the day for exercise, and forget about waking up early for it.  I was up multiple times during the night and the only time the kids have both slept in past 8 am and I have felt well rested was the last couple of days! 
So enough complaining right? 
I'm not going to let a rough week ruin my ultimate goal (lose 20 pounds by the end of May)...So last night after everyone was asleep, I stayed up and exercised w/ the help of our Wii fit!  I ran about 8.5 miles! YAY!  It felt good to sweat after not exercising for 5 days!  So I didn't loose any weight this week, but I didn't gain any either...so this week I just gotta concentrate on exercising more regularly.  Does anybody else have a hard time spelling exercise?  I spell check it EVERY time!  You'd think I would know how to spell it by now.

On another note, I said my next post would be about my cute kids w/ pictures included so here I go.
Anna is now a crawling little princess!  She wants to put everything in her mouth, and has started standing in her crib and pack n' play!  My little baby is not so little anymore, and that makes me kinda sad.  I take twice as long putting her down to sleep lately because I just love how soft, warm and cuddly she is!  She's sure a mama's girl!  Poor Randy tries to help with her and as long as she doesn't see me she's fine (most of the time), but as soon as she sees me, she wants me to hold her.  How can you resist a little princess like this? 

Our little Jacob is such a bright little guy.  He learns so many words and things every day, he amazes me.  Yesterday I had the hardest time getting him to let me bathe him...so Randy got home from work and tried and tried to convince him to go upstairs and take a bath.  Finally Randy convinced him by promising bubbles in the tub!  Jacob got a 'blueberry' scented bubble bath bottle in his stocking for Christmas, and we still hadn't used it.  So Randy bathed him, and Jacob was just so agreeable and happy, I just couldn't believe it!  He had been throwing fits everytime I even mentioned the word 'bath'...
Sometimes Randy's got the magic touch with the kids! 

Here's Jacob at Autie Kay's house on Christmas Eve

He loves wearing his BYU hat!

Here he is at the Temple Square Lights...exploring!

I was happy Randy was able to bathe Jacob, because it gave me time to catch up on my reading!  I don't have time to read books, I actually rarely have the time to read 'an article', so it was nice to just relax for a few minutes and read "Elle magazine" of all the magazines I have! LOL  I have so many magazines, I fill up our 'recycle' bin every other week!  I had free subscriptions to a whole bunch of magazines this year, everything from 'Parents' to 'Martha Stewart Living' to 'Shape'  Most of the subscriptions have expired, but it was fun to have all those mags to read...not that I read them all, I have to admit, most times they just took up space in my kitchen.  Anyways, where is this going?  Oh yeah, I got them all from my favorite blog http://www.hip2save.com/ I just love it!

These past couple of weeks I have been slowly 'dejunking' my house, and it shows!  I don't get so overwhelmed now, and I'm not constantly stressing about things I need to do around the house.  It has been nice for everyone!  So I've had success becoming 'somewhat' organized, and I'll continue working at it, as well as working on my weight loss.

Have a happy week and I'll keep updating my progress!


Bethany said...

I can never spell exercise right either. I want to put a "z" in there or a "c" after the "x" (excersize, exersize).

Cute kids!!! I love Jacob's little outfit in the piano picture. Darling!

I think we should live by each other. We could totally hang out during the day (and I guess in the evenings so our husbands could hang out too :) ). We have all the same interests and goals and our kids could play together. I'll just keep dreaming...

Katie said...

I think it's hard to do anything with sick kids let alone have the energy to exercise. We have a Wii but we don't have a Wii fit yet. Are you saying you can run with the Wii fit? or did you workout on the Wii fit and then run too? Either way 8.5 miles in one night while being sick...way to go!
Anna's room is so cute. I love the pink,white and brown combo. And her clothes even match her room!

Liz & Mark said...

Wowie - 8.5 miles is great!! You must be in excellent shape!

Hope you are feeling better!!!

Anonymous said...

We need to get together! I don't think we've seen you since our wedding, except when Dillon ran into Randy at a store in Utah once.
So about your posts, I just cancelled my gym membership right before I got on to check your blog and now I feel super guilty. It was just too hard to find time to go. However, I am inspired to work out on my own, we'll see. I think I might start up a biggest loser group of my own - great idea whoever had it!

Our Familia said...

Bethany- You guys totally need to move up here!...but since that's not really a possibility right now we should at least get together more often this year! We've been saying we're going to have you guys over for dinner for a while now...so let us know what works for you next week and we'll do it!

Katie- You can 'free run' on wii fit, which means you can watch tv and run in place. I ran 2 sets of 30 minutes and by the end I was sweating like a pig and my total miles were about 8.5. I don't know how accurate that is...but I sure felt like I got a good work out! It actually made me feel better from my cold! There are so many things you can do on the Wii w/ the wii fit plus. You can do yoga, aerobics and everything in between! I love it because it keeps track of the time you have spent exercising and the calories burnt! I hihgly recommend it :)

Liz- I'm feeling a lot better today! In fact, I almost feel 100% again so I'm happy about that! Thanks for the compliment! If I'm watching tv I forget that I'm exercising and can usually do better than if I'm 'concentrating on exercising' Last night I only ran 4.5 miles, but it was late, and Jacob woke up crying...so I had to stop and go check on him.

Tessa- Let's plan a get together! For real! I'd love to go up there once it gets warmer...we are planning a road trip to Canada in May...so maybe we can stop by on our way up or on our way back?
Don't feel guilty about cancelling your membership! I'd rather not have a membership either because I can't find the time to drive myself somewhere to exercise, and I would just waste the money if I had a membership. So for now working out at home is working for me! As long as I schedule it into my day, because if I don't, it doesn't happen!
My cousin had that great idea about the biggest loser group...I'm still thinking of doing it...it just depends how many people want to do it with me!

Thanks everyone for your comments and support! I couldn't do it alone!