Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Randy!

It was Randy's 27th Birthday on June 5th. He had the day off on the 4th so we started celebrating early on Wednesday! Kevin came over after work and watched Jacob while Randy and I went to watch 'Iron Man' It was a great movie. We both loved it and were entertained by it. The best part is that we had free passes and a gift card, so it was free! We had some horrible food though :( Next time we'll stick to pizza or something...The Mayan Express must cook their rice and beans in the morning and then just keep warming it up...we should have known. Oh well, it was still fun, especially because it was just the 2 of us. It's so nice to go on a date once in a while. I think we need that as a couple, and hopefully we can keep finding ways to keep going on regular dates. It was so much fun.
On Thursday Jacob and I surprised Randy at work with cake (his favorite, spice cake), ice cream, and balloons. Jacob had never seen nor been around balloons so he was a bit scared of them at first. But after being around them for a couple of days he loved them, and talked to them! After Randy came home from work on Thursday we went to Chilli's for dinner. It was fun to go with Jacob...he ate like we had been starving him for days! And we took his sippy cup and he kept tilting his head while he was drinking...it looked like he was drinking shots! We had a delicious dinner at Chilli's...although it's not Randy's favorite restaurant. His favorite is the Cracker Barrel in Layton. I have to admit it's one of my favorite too. Elisabeth and Mark gave us a gift card to go eat there...THANKS GUYS! That was very thoughtful of you! We really love the food and service at the Cracker Barrel. They have the best breakfast too! That's what Randy usually orders...and they serve breakfast all day every day. We're going to have to make a trip there soon, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
After dinner on Thursday we came home and Randy opened his gifts! I don't know how he went all day without opening them. I opened my family's package like a week before my birthday! I let it sit unopened for half a day and when Randy came home from work I couldn't wait any longer and opened it! Anyway, we came home and Jacob helped Randy open his gifts. By this time Jacob was tired, and when he's tired everything is funny. He started laughing at the sound of ripping paper! So we got it on video...it's a nervous laugh too which makes it funnier.
So I hope Randy had a wonderful birthday. We love him so much and are so grateful for the wonderful husband, and dad he is. He works so hard for our little family, and we love and appreciate everything he does. Te queremos mucho mi amor! :)

-A day after Randy's birthday...Jacob is warming up to the balloons-


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Randy!!! I love that video! What a cute little laugh. Benjamin loves balloons he goes in my moms play room and kicks them all over the place. I haven't ever eaten at the cracker barrel. I guess I should. You would think that I would have since I am from Layton.

Josh n' Katie said...

Happy birthday companion of Joshua C. Horrocks! I hope it was a good day. Take care.


Josh n' Katie said...

Josh failed to tell you where we got the trailer. Our favorite store...Costco! Ours is last years model. We just saw them there the other day and this year they are red. They are pretty nice. They change to a double jogger too. Happy Birthday Randy!! Cute video of Jacob!

sea peas said...

Happy Birthday Randy!! Claudia, what number cake is this for you?

Joel said...

Happy Birthday Rand-man!

I knew it was your birthday on the 5th. . .I was just. . .uh. . .waiting until you posted on your blog about it. . . .10 days later. . .

I suck.

Rammells said...

Happy B-day. (I agree with Joel, he does suck).

I KNEW you would be mad we didn't call, it will NEVER happen again.

Hey, when are you going to take a long weekend and go backpacking with me?

Liz said...

Who beefed up their blog and didn't tell?! Looks great!

Happy Birthday Big Daddy. I'll be seeing you guys soon for Little Man's birthday! How much Live Wire do you guys need?

Let me know if you need anymore info. on trailers- I researched seriously for 3 months. Unless I can share that knowledge it was almost wasted time! Several of my friends have bought the Kidaroos at Costco too. I'll tell ya more this weekend. Can't wait to celebrate!