Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jacob's Birthday

On Saturday June 21st we had a little party for Jacob's Birthday! It was a beautiful sunny day and everything turned out great! My family was able to make it here on Friday afternoon...and they drove back to Calgary on Sunday morning! It was a rough weekend for them, especially for my dad who did all the driving. Thank you guys so much for that HUGE sacrifice and for everything you did to help to prepare for the party, all the help during the party and all the cleaning up afterwards. I couldn't have done it without them! My sisters are so sweet and encouraging! :)
Randy made home-made ice cream which turned out fantabulous! He was also in charge of the bbqing...the burgers were awesome mijo! I bought a string pinata which is supposed to be a non violent alternative and for younger kids...one of the strings pulled releases all the candy...and it was sponge bob...so I thought, "how perfect" right? Right! It didn't work! My dad was in charge of going around and having the kids pull on it...and by the time the last string was pulled and not a single candy came out he was like "this pinata is making me look bad! what do we do now?" So he went around and had them pull sponge bob's arms and legs off...and still no candy! So much for my non-violent pinata! Finally I think he manually made a hole at the bottom and the candy finally came out! It was pretty hilarious! I couldn't have chosen a better person to be in charge of that! Gracias por hacernos reir dad!
My family hadn't seen Jacob since October of last year so you can imagine how excited they were to be able to spend some time with him, and with us ;) They had been collecting/buying gifts for him for a while now...so now we have our front room full of toys! Thank you everyone who came and for all your help and cute gifts...sorry we didn't keep track of time...next time we'll be better!

Jacob's official birthday was on the 24th and since his uncle Jon wasn't able to make it to his party (aka he was still on his mission) we had some pizza, cake and ice cream on the 24th as well, because Jon got home on the 23rd!!! I must say both times I tried to let Jacob eat his cake...and both times he wanted nothing to do with it! Maybe he'll be like his mom and won't have a sweet tooth! I thought the first time it was because he was overly tired. I think it could have been part of the reason, but on the 24th he still didn't want it...maybe he doesn't like chocolate? Oh well, it's all good! Here are some pictures of both his birthday party and official birthday celebration with his uncle Jon and Grandpa Kevin...enjoy!

Party Time with Uncle Jon!


Ingrid said...

hhahaa poor nala was neglected that day! next time we'll bring toys for her!

Liz said...

oh geez. I hoped there were no pics of me and had my hopes up til I got to the bottom- YIKERS!
On a brighter note- we're SOOO glad we got to come and had a great time! You guys did such an awesome job, how will Slade's b-day ever compare? haha I love your family they're the best! Your dad was HILARIOUS with that pinata! Happy Birthday to our oldest Taylor Tot!!! YIPEE