Monday, January 26, 2009


We found out last week (after an ultrasound) that our little dog Nala has 3 big bladder stones! Poor little dog. She went in for surgery this morning and we are hoping everything goes well. She has had a couple of infections this month and that's why we decided to do an ultrasound. We're glad we did so she can start feeling better. She was our first baby and it was sad to see her in pain, but we are hoping everything will go well in the operation. She's going to have a rough week because she'll be recovering...but hopefully a week from today she'll finally be back to her old, happy self!
I never had a dog growing up so I didn't understand why people 'loved' dogs, or why they let them sleep with them, I thought there was something so dirty about that. But now that we have had Nala for over 4 years...I can honestly say I love her like my own child! She's so innocent, and she has brought us such comfort and happiness. I was in tears last night because first of all, I had been all emotional all day, but also, I was scared that something may go wrong during the surgery and we may not see her again... :( But the lady at the vet was very comforting and she said dogs usually do well after that surgery. We'll find out later today how she did, and she should be back home this afternoon.

We went to pick up Nala and she did really well in the operation! We're going to have to keep an eye on her for the next 7-10 days so she can heal properly, but she should be feeling better pretty soon. She's sleeping right now because she's on pain meds, and the challenge tomorrow is to try to keep her from running around or playing with the ball.
I'm so grateful everything turned out alright. :) I love our little Nala.

(Here she is being a 'traviesa')


stephen&andrea said...

aww that's so sad! i know how you are feeling, when we had to put my parents dog Lulu down we cried for a long time and it's dumb crying over a dog BUT when u think about it they are part of the family. Hope things are doing well and i hope everything went good with Nala.

Liz said...

I know she will be fine and you guys are AMAZING pet owners- unlike Mark and myself, haha!

We'll keep her in our prayers!