Thursday, December 29, 2011

Confessions of a Tired Momma

I've been thinking a lot lately about some of the things I want to do better this next coming year...And one of the main things that I keep running into is that some of these things that I want to do better, I'm not doing now because 1. I'm not making it a priority, and 2. Because I'm exhausted! 

So I want to write just a little reminder to myself, of the things I want to do better, and work (starting now!) to accomplish them!

1. I would like to plan my days better, with enough rigidity that I can be able to know what I need to do that day, but also with enough flexibility that if one or both of my kids are especially needy that day, I can change my schedule, and be ok.

2. Setting a timer when I'm online!  That way I can stick to the time I have decided to spend online, and then be able to be more productive....Some days (especially when I'm researching something, or trying to find a good deal on something...I spend WAY too much time online). I'm also guilty of staying up in bed way past my bedtime because I'm on pinterest or some other wasteful site :(  Hence why I'm super tired the next day and can't accomplish as much as I would like to!  Don't get me wrong, I love pinterest, I've gotten a lot of good ideas from there, I just need to be careful that I'm not spending all of my free time on there.

3. One of the greatest gifts we can give our family is the gift of our time, and when you have young kids, your dates w/ your hubby can become a thing of the past!  We have tried as much as we could this year to go on as many dates as possible...But we could have done better...So, for Christmas, one of my gifts to my hubby was 12 pre-planned date coupons!  That way we'll at least go on a date a month.  I'm looking forward to it!  We just went on a date a couple of days ago, and after a hard day with the kids, it was so wonderful to just spend time with my husband, and not have to worry about anything! He was even a proper date and got my door and everything!  What a lucky girl I am!  Really!  I'm grateful for the husband I have, he's the best!  ...I found the idea for the 12 dates coupons here if you're interested...I love that blog!

 I also printed 'dates with mom' and 'dates with dad' coupons for each of the kids.  Every other month they get to go on a 'one on one' date with either of us...and I put them in envelopes, so each month they can open their date surprise, and look forward to it.  For Janurary, Anna and I will make a craft together, and Jacob and Randy will watch a movie together!  I love to spend one on one time with my kids, I think it helps them feel more loved and appreciated.  I'm not very I got the idea for the kids' coupons here.

4. And of course, what would a new year be withouth me having some kind of fitness goal!  I was thinking the other day, that if I could, I would love to go back in time, and have a serious conversation with my 19-25 year old self...Looking back at some of my pictures, and seeing my size 3-4 self, and realizing how much I didn't like my body then...I just want to say 'Snap out of it...You look great!'  Will I ever be that fit again?  Maybe...but I'm not going to hold my breath, nor am I going to have issues with my body anymore, I need to just believe my husband when he gives me a compliment...  
So since dieting is not a friend of mine, I have to either sacrifice sleep time (mornings), or family time (nights) to get in longer workouts...or do my best to exercise during the day, and be happy with it...I choose the latter! 

I was 24 here...married for almost a year!
(Photo Credit- Joel)

5. During one of my lessons at church ( I used to teach 10 yr olds), I told them, that this coming year I want to learn how to swim!  I wish you could have seen their faces!!  They were like 'You don't know how to swim???"  It was as if I had said "I want to learn how to breathe this year!" LOL  I really do want to learn how to swim though...not only for personal reasons, but I take the kids to the pool all summer long...and if something were to go wrong, and I don't know how to wouldn't be pretty.  Remember that incident in Island Park Joel? :)  Let's just say we went 'swimming' with Randy and his friend Joel, and when I told Randy I couldn't swim...he didn't really think I meant I REALLY didn't know how to I panicked and almost drowned Randy who was trying to help me! :(  I've heard you can take adult swimming lessons...I need to look into that.

Before I end this post, I wanted to write down a couple of the cute things Anna is saying these days...I don't remember exactly what word it was that Jacob would throw into his sentences, when he didn't know what to say...but Anna's is 'Every day'  It's pretty funny actually! 
Also, the first time I taught her the word 'hiccup' was because Jacob had the since Jacob had the 'he-ccups' when she has the hiccups, she calls them 'me-cups' !

I have other goals I'm working on as well, but I won't make this post any longer...

Good luck with all of your New Year goals, and may we all have a blessed 2012!


Grace Marie said...

Hi Claudia! I wanted to write you back but your email address wasn't linked to our profile.

Yes! Sock bun magic. You read my mind as I just put a post up about it today! It took awhile to get the hang of it but its fast and easy now!

Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Happy New Year!!

and YES you should do posts on your husband's quotes!! I'm sure I would laugh.

Joel said...

Ha! I had completely forgotten about that! I'm planning on starting Kaylee on swimming lessons this year, maybe you guys can take them together. :)