Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hermana Rojas is at the MTC!

We took my sister Ingrid to the MTC today and she was ready to be an official sister missionary! I love her so much! She's so sweet and funny I'm really going to miss her! I was such a baby at the MTC she did better than I did!

We got there right at 1pm and she had to fill out some paper work and have her 'language' test before we could go into we didn't have much time for pictures...the pictures we did take were hurried...sorry! I'm also posting some pictures of her and Jacob last night before he went to sleep...he's playing with the ball Tia Lilian sent him! THANK YOU SO MUCH! He loves it, and the plane too! Jacob didn't have a good day today so he doesn't look very happy in the pictures...the whole drive to the MTC he was cranky and Ingrid was sitting in the back with him trying to entertain him :( I felt bad for her, but she did so well!

We will miss her so much, but she's going to be an amazing missionary! By now she's almost done with her first day at the MTC, I think the last class ends at 9:30pm, she had a long day and must be exhausted!

Don't forget you can send her a letter every day before 11am and she'll get it the same day at MAKE SURE YOU WRITE! It's like Christmas every time you get a letter! AND Her birthday is November 12, so make sure you send her something before then because her estimated departure day is November 11! After she leaves it'll take months to get something to her in Argentina!
If you're reading this and would like her address info, please send me an email I'll gladly give you her info. :)

About the pictures: Sorry...If I don't have my eyes closed in some of the pictures, I'm talking or something! And the light hit one of Ingrid's eyes at a weird angle so a couple of pictures turned out not so good...again sorry! We were in such a hurry because we were late for orientation!

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marshfam said...

How exciting for your sister! I understand your many emotions, my baby brother comes home in December, I can't wait!!