Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Before I forget

I wanted to write down a few of the cute things Jacob has been doing lately somewhere I could easily look back on. What I really need is a journal, and to write in it...but that's another story.

Here are some of my favorite cute things Jacob has been doing lately:
(Not in any particular order)

-When he sees me in the morning or he's upstairs and I come upstairs he always gives me a big smile and says "hi momma!" - I love it!

-He randomly hugs me througout the day and makes an "ahhh" noise while he hugs me :)

-He sings (in his own little way) along to the song I sing to him before he goes to sleep (Primary song).

-He loves his 'woof, woof' blanket, he sleeps with it every night; he hugs it too :)

-He says "Thank You" a lot (again, in his own little way, it's more like "ank-yoo")

-He's very friendly, he says "hi" or "hello" to everyone and anyone we run into.

-He loves nursery! This is a huge blessing, because before nursery he would get bored after 2 minutes of being in class :) So we would roam the halls on a regular basis.

-Whenever I give him a 'treat' or something he really likes, he always says "ank-yoo momma!" It's so super cute, I need to get it on video.

-If I ask him if he wants to 'kiss the baby' he always says "yeah" and kisses my belly and gives my belly a big hug along with his 'ahhh' noise.

-He absolutely LOVES Elmo, anything from his slippers to his books or bib, he can't get enough of him!

-He loves to 'read'! He just really loves it when we read to him or when he flips through his books and asks us "what's that?" for any little thing in the book.

-He understands 2 words in Spanish..."mocos" and "Agua" - He actually said "Agua" today, but I could have heard him wrong. Random words I know, but it's a start right?

-We play the 'Jacob 8-ball game' with him...it's pretty much Randy asking him random, off the wall questions and seeing if Jacob says 'yeah' or 'no,no,no'...it's hilarious!

-Whenever he can't find a toy or he misplaces something, he will ask "where is it?"

-He sings along to the 'Backyardigans' full voiced, and tries to copy their dance moves.

-He recently started calling Nala "Nala" instead of "nana" :) He sounds so cute!

-He folds his arms as soon as we are at the table...but he won't close his eyes when we pray!

-If he wants us to get him down from his high chair he says "down, down"

-He counts to three...but starts at two every time!

-He had something dirty on his hand once and I said "ewwww!" So now when he gets his hands dirty, instead of cleanding them...he just says "ewww!" and wants me to clean him up!

-He knows who 'pooh' is, we were at the store the other day and he pointed at one and said 'pooh?' :)

Those are all the ones I can think of right now...If I think of more I will add them later :)

-Here he is at Great-Grandpa Taylor's Birthday party...they had a nice selection of books at the club house...those who went know what I mean!

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Liz said...

I love this list you did so much that I did one on Slade. My sister is always bagging on me to write all the things about Slade down- but at the end of the day...

These are so cute and fun for us mommies! I've been trying to teach Slade Thank You as well, so far we've mastered please with his hand out when it's something he REALLY wants! :)