Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby girl

We had our Doctor's appointment yesterday and were able to get a 3-D ultrasound. Last time we were there the Doctor tried to get one...but the baby just kept putting her hands in front of her face...This time around she was turned towards we still weren't able to get a full face shot...but we got some profile pictures. I think this poor little girl is going to have my nose! Hopefully it's more of a mix like with Jacob...I guess we'll see.

I have to mention I'm so thankful Randy has come to ALL my appointments with me, both with Jacob and with this pregnancy. I think sometimes I just get anxious and worried,that something will go wrong, and he always cracks a joke or says something to help me feel more relaxed. I'm also grateful for Jon and Kevin, who have helped us by watching Jacob while we go to our appointments. The last couple of times we have even managed to sneak in some date nights after our appointment. :)

We are super excited to meet our little girl, and eventhough I'm 28 weeks I feel like it's forever away. We are going to the Doctor's every 2 weeks now, so I guess we're getting closer, and so far everything is good with both the baby and me. I told Jon yesterday that sometimes I wonder how I will ever get any bigger...but I will! Yay! :)

-Baby Anna Lissette-


marshfam said...

You need to post a picture of your tummy- I didn't think you ever got very big with Jacob. I love the name you guys picked, especially with the connection - precious. What a cute little family!

Stephanie said...

I would have to agree, I want to see some of those tummy pictures. I love the 3d picture that is so cool. I would love one of those. Are you going to come hang with us monday?

Ferguson Family said...

We're super excited for you guys. Little girls are sure a joy to the home.