Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catching up...

It has been close to a month since my last post!
We got back from Canada on May 28th, we went up there for 9 days for one of my sisters' wedding.  I loved all the attention the kids got!  They were showered with hugs and kisses (and gifts) all day every day we were there!  My immediate family were the only ones who had met our children, actually one of my brothers and one of my sisters hadn't met Anna yet (Missions).  I loved seeing everyone again, it had been 3 years since I had been up there.
My sister's wedding was wonderful, it's always so nice to see a couple so in love!  I love weddings!

I have to admit it got a little chaotic at times (because I was in the wedding party)...I realized how easy we have it here with a temple just minutes away.  We drove 3 hours to Cardston the night before and stayed in a hotel that night.  The next day we went to the ceremony at the temple, took pictures, had a mini picnic w/ the kids (lunch), then drove back another 3 hours to Calgary.  We put Anna down for a nap for less than an hour, then off we went to the reception.  She had a rough day!  Both our kids are super scheduled, they have a time they wake up, eat, sleep, etc,'s perfect for every day living...not so good for travelling : (
They both slept through the night all the nights we were there though, so I can't complain, they were just super unhappy at the end of the day (aka when our friends and family had us over or took us out to dinner).  Most of what everyone saw was two unhappy little kids, but I promise they're not usually like that!  They had their moments too where they were perfectly's just hard being a 1 and 2 year old and being in a new and unfamiliar environment.  What did we learn?  Our children are amazing!  They really tried their very best to adapt and to be somewhat happy.  It gave me hope for when they're older too...
I have posted pics of our trip on's so much easier to post videos and pics on there...

I'm not gonna was hard to say good bye! I miss my familia already! :(

The day we got home, the kids took almost a 3 hour nap, then went to bed for the night around 8 and slept until 9:30 and 10 the next morning!  They were TIRED! 

I have to mention that they were both teething during our trip too...which doesn't make it any easier on them...why must teething take forever?  I wish all their teeth would come in at once, then they would be miserable for a few days but it would be over with...wishful thinking right?

After the wedding we got to go sight-seeing a little bit and we got together with some friends and family.  My sisters and mom took the kids for one afternoon and we got to go on a date! It was so weird at first...we didn't know wether to take a nap or go out!  We ended up going shopping, and it was so fun just the two of us! 

We have been home for almost a week now and both kids seem to be back to their old happy selves :)  We went out to dinner and movie last night to celebrate Randy's birthday.  I asked Randy if he felt so free because we have gone on two dates in less than a week...and he said "no, because after this date, we get to go home!" LOL  He's such a great helper.  I would go crazy without him!  I love my children, but once in a while, it's nice when it's just us two. :)

Happy Birthday Mijo!  I hope  you know how much you are loved, and how blessed we are to have you in our lives...

-At the Calgary Tower-


Bethany said...

Happy late birthday Randy!

I'm glad you had a good time. You look gorgeous in your dress! I take for granted having temples close too. I've never thought about what to do if you have to drive far to get married. My sisters biggest problem for her upcoming wedding was deciding which temple out of 5 to get married in because all are within 30 minutes of her.

Your kids are so sweet. Throwing off schedules is definitely hard. I'm glad they did as well as they did.

That last picture freaks me out!

Claudia said...

I didn't know one of your sisters was getting married! That's so exciting!
It was so crazy driving to the temple. Some of the people who came to the ceremony drove that morning, then drove back and then went to the reception! Even just trying to make sure all the flowers got back to calgary in one piece was a task!

p.s. the last pic was at the calgary tower...and although we're all smiling...we were all creeped out!

Bethany said...

Never mind on the late birthday thing... Joel just informed me Randy's birthday is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RANDY!

joven said...

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Joel said...

Yeah, that tower picture is FREAKY! And we really should do a double date sometime. Or a date with kids. Let's get out and party!