Friday, June 25, 2010


Jacob turned 3 yesterday and I can hardly believe it!  He will always be my baby boy though :)
I wanted to write down some cute things he does so I don't forget:

*At night, when he's in his room and not quite ready to go to sleep, he sings at the top of his lungs!  Last night it was "Happy Birthday Jacob..."

*He has endless imagination!  I love it!

*He is VERY active, he loves sports, especially baseball and lately soccer.

*He likes to 'read' me books before he goes to sleep sometimes...I'm amazed at how much he absorbs...some books he can 'read' word per word!

*He loves music, especially Vertical Horizon right now...he has a few songs on repeat on his i-pod (It's actually Randy's but Jacob uses it more).

*He says "pot" at the end of sentences where he doesn't know the word eg. "That's a nice... pot"

*Sometimes when he has done something he shouldn't have he'll say "It's ok mom" "It's ok mom, it's only water!"

*He has really been trying to be nice to his sister lately, he calls her baby by the way.  If anybody asks him what her name is he says "It's baby Anna!"

*If we're out and about and Anna starts to cry he tries to calm her down by saying "It's ok, I'm right here see?"

*He wants to be Randy!  Everything Randy does he wants to do.

*He's a little parrot!  He talks non-stop, and even when he doesn't know the words we're saying, he'll repeat it and ask what it means.  He likes to join into adult conversations too...he doesn't want to be left out.

*He colors w/ both hands, eats with his right, and hits the baseball left handed...I'm still not sure if he's really ambidextrous or left handed.

*Just when I think I'm going crazy he'll come up to me ask me "Mom, what's wrong?" 

*He's very loving and he loves to cuddle with me :)

*He is very soft hearted, and will get emotional when watching certain movies (eg. "Meet the
Robinsons" when the baby is left crying in front of the door)

*He loves to learn!  Anything from new words to how to use things, he never stops learning!

*He refuses to read 'princess books'  (He saw a couple of those in his room one night and said "those are for baby Anna)  Maybe b/c of the princess party we had for her?

*He will randomly say "Mom/or Dad I love you!" and give us a big hug...sometimes he'll say "I love you guys"

*He also randomly says "I'm so proud of you!"  and "good job! you did it!"

*If you ever watch YoGabbaGabba then you know about the 'cool tricks'  Out of the blue, Jacob will say "Hi my name is Jacob, and my cool trick is..."  It changes all the time.

*He loves this show and he quotes their songs.... ♪ "Keep trying, keep trying, don't give up, never give up..."♪

This list is getting long, it's mostly for me to remember though.  I love my little Jacob, and I'm so grateful to be his mommy :)  He's definitely a defiant toddler sometimes, but he's learning and growing, and we couldn't be prouder of him :)

We took both kids to see Toy Story 3 on Wed, as part of Jacob's birthday celebration.  They loved it!  It was both their first time at the movies, and we were glad they were happily entertained for 2 hours!  We also took them swimming earlier in the day, and they had fun.


Audra said...

What a sweet boy! I'm glad your movie-going was a success. I always hate to pay and then spend the whole time outside chasing the kid who just won't sit still that long...
Happy Birthday Jacob!

~The kings~ said...

WOW 3 already!!! He is such a cute little guy! Glad his day was wonderful!!!

marshfam said...

Happy Birthday to Jacob!! He is so stinkin' cute! That's so sweet that he reassures Anna like that- precious!

Joel said...


I want to be just like Randy, too. When I grow up. :)

Happy (late) birthday, Jacob!

Stephanie said...

Happy (late) birthday to little Jacob. We should get together soon. I am sure Benjamin would love to see Jacob and we need to catch up.

joven said...

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