Monday, March 17, 2008

More than a month later...

This month started out great...we all got together at Kevin's for dinner the first Sunday of the month. It was good to see everyone and to see how the boys interact with each other...Jacob is always trying to take something from them, or pull their hair etc, etc...

He is almost 9 months! I can't believe it! He is so funny lately. He has developed a love for music and dancing...he dances (rocks back and forth while sitting or standing) every time Randy whistles. It all started with his cloth book (the one in the picture), he kept pushing the button and would start to dance every time the music would come on. He's hilarious! No matter what he's doing, as soon as he hears dad whistling he will dance! He also loves to be standing up. Yesterday he stood in the pack and play for about 15 minutes straight. He is getting more and more independent too. I'm afraid we're going to have to start baby-proofing our home asap.

I forgot to mention he started giving 'kisses'. It's so adorable! We just had to show everyone when we all got together at Kevin's.

For a while Jacob stopped saying "da,da" I was a little concerned but now he's back to saying it again. He also makes up his own words and is very verbal when he's happy...when he's not happy he just yells at me! Last week he was really into making 'clicking sounds' with his mouth and tongue, he was having such a blast!

He still loves to just roll around no matter where he is! He was a little anxious last night so Randy just put him down on the floor in the office and he was happy to just roll around! He has no fear! If he is seeing something he wants, he will throw himself at it...we discovered that because he really likes Nala's red, plastic ball. He tried to launch himself off my lap one night, trying to get to the Ball. I can just see the fun times we have ahead of us!

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