Monday, March 24, 2008

Tales of an old lady...

What an appropriate title to this post! I feel like an old lady now that I'm 28! lol I had a wonderful birthday. We went to Logan for 3 days and we had so much fun. Thanks to Stephanie for posting about their trip to Logan...we got the same deal! We went to Hamilton's stake house was delicious. We were able to take Jacob to the zoo for the first time it Logan. We have decided the Logan zoo is the perfect size. It's not too big that it takes the whole day to go through it, and it's not too small that the kids get was perfect! Jacob fell asleep for most of it...but we were able to get a couple of pictures of him before he fell asleep. After the zoo we took him to a near by park, it was his first time actually playing at the park so it was fun. Randy took him down the slide with him and I was fully expecting Jacob to be scared but he didn't even react to it at all! It was fun to see Randy pushing him on the swings, Jacob is becoming such a little toddler...and no longer a baby :( I don't know why that makes me sad but it does. I guess it's kinda sad when he doesn't depend on me for EVERYTHING...but it's a good thing, he needs to be independent.

Anyways, we took Jacob swimming for the first time on our trip to Logan too...he wasn't sure at first, but after a few minutes he was happy splashing around!

It was nice to get away and be somewhere else...even if it wasn't very far away. I like Logan, I love that it's still a small town but you have everything you need right there, and nothing is too far of a drive.

I was also able to go to the temple on my birthday! I told Randy we should start doing that from now on, go to the temple on our was so nice, and I had never gone to the Logan temple so it was a first for me.

If anybody who reads this can tell me...what is the secret to having your baby sleep through the night when they're not in their regular crib?? Jacob, and all of us actually had a rough couple of nights because he didn't want to sleep in his pack n' play. The second night was better than the first but the longest he slept in a row was 3 hours...I guess that's still better than when he was younger and would be up every 1/2 to 1 if you have any insights leave us your comments...we would love to know!


Joel said...

A little nip o' whiskey helps calm the little ones and lures them to sleepyville. Just add it in with their milk. :)

Hooray! I found your blog! Now we can be blog buddies!

Congrats on turning 28, Claudia. It's not so bad once you get used to it, trust me.

Anyway, it sounds like you guys had a great time in Logan and it's amazing how much Jacob has grown up since. . .the one time in my life I saw him. . .wow. . .

We really need to hang out. :)

Stephanie said...

I think that your blog looks great. Really, I am so much better at keeping in touch with people this way than through facebook. I don't know why. I really had fun hanging out with you the other day. I need some girl friends so we need to get together more often. Hopefully we move up there close to you guys. As for the sleeping in random places. I know that this might sound bad but, it's not I promise, I will give Benjamin some benadryl or a half or a dramamine crushed in his cereal and it works great, most of the time. Or next time you can call me and I will take care of him over night for you so you and Randy can have a night away.

Rammell said...

Hello fellow bloggers,

I found your site through joey-bears. This will be a great way for me to stalk Randy.

Happy B-day Claudia!

sea peas said...

One way to help the sleeping thing is to use the pack-n-play at home every once in a while, especially before a trip. It wouldn't hurt trying. I know that that helps my little one for when we go elsewhere so that at least the pack-n-play is familiar enough in an totally unfamiliar place. She doesn't sleep well going other places as well as she does at home.