Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful day on Easter Sunday. We went to Kevin's for a delicious dinner, he had quite the feast ready for us. How lucky are we? Jacob hadn't taken his afternoon nap so he started getting fussy when we had just started eating...He still doesn't eat 'people' food so I thought his toys would keep him such luck! I somehow (out of desperation I think) ended up giving him a pickle...and he loved it! He was the happiest little boy! I couldn't believe it, because most kids aren't supposed to like sour food at first. Right? He ended up biting part of it, but he mostly just used it as a chewing toy!

He got a nice spider man hat from his grandpa and he let us leave it on him for a total of 1.2 seconds! It still doesn't quite fit him though, but it's super cute :)


reggstyl said...

Cute blog! Jacob is so cute! Those eyes! I'm excited to keep up on your fun family :)

Stephanie said...

I like that he has something in his mouth in every picture. He is such a cutie.

stephen&andrea said...

Your blog is so dang cute. Your a pro already with blogging. Hope you and your family are doing great. I love jacob's slide show. Have a great weekend.