Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fitness Kick

I have been trying to be more active and exercise lately...so on Friday after Randy got home from work I suggested we go for a walk. It looked nice and sunny outside, and Jacob and I hadn't gone outside all day...so we decided to go. We ended up all wearing the same clothes! Gray hoodies/sweaters and blue jeans! We should have taken a picture of the 3 of us. Anyways, it got really cold really quick! Since we hadn't used our jogging stroller I thought we'd take it instead of our regular stroller...bad idea. It doesn't really cover Jacob much, and it turned out to be really windy...so the poor kid was gasping every time the wind would blow. I felt like such a bad mom...we were all freezing! Randy thought Jacob would be warmer if he just put him in his hoodie...and he was, but I still felt bad. I ended up pushing the empty stroller, which by the way is not very easy to do when you have crazy little nala attached to your foot with her leash so she wouldn't escape. In the end, my idea of a nice walk to the park turned out to be a stressful disaster! (is there a disaster that isn't stressful?) After that wonderful experience we haven't been out to walk yet. It's been too cold lately anyways, so hopefully we can have some real spring weather soon.

**For you stay at home moms reading this: What do you do to keep active during the day other than the regular house work/ chasing kids around? I'm curious to know what you guys do.**

Right now I just started a month long 'program' that if I follow it it's supposed to help me be 'bikini ready' ha! We'll see. I hope I can do it. If you want to know about it, ask me and I'll tell you about it. It's an online thing, and it's free...so I thought I'd give it a try.


Josh n' Katie said...

Such a great picture! Isn't this crazy weather we have been having! I think this is the only place I have seen 70 degrees and snow all in the same week. We got this great weather cover for our jogger. It's great you can go out in any weather with it. Good luck with your bikini program :)! Let me know if you get any good tips...I can sure use some!

Joel said...

If you're gonna be 'bikini ready' then Randy has to be 'bikini ready.' AND there has to be pictures posted of him.

Ingrid said...

what....tell me what it is?? is it some radical "program" (i loved how you used program!!)
That picture is cute...but your right they both look cold and miserable!!hahaha

Bethany said...

That sounds like something I'd do! Good thing kids are tough.

As far as what I do to stay active... right now I don't :(. But I have all these great plans to do stuff. For example, I have a bunch of workout videos that I used to love to do and I keep thinking I ought to pull them out again. The best one is the belly dancing dvd and the Core Secrets dvd (with a workout ball). So fun!

My plan is to hold Kaylee while I workout while she's still young and then get her to join me when she's older. I'll get her a little ball to play on while I do Core Secrets and have her dance with me during the belly dancing. Great plans... we'll see if they ever actually happen...

P.S. Joel and I had a dance party last week to get exercise. It was a blast!