Friday, April 11, 2008

Tiger...Watch out!

On Wednesday morning we got a call from Kevin (my father in law) offering to take care of Jacob if we wanted to do something fun! It was Randy's day off so it worked out perfect. We had originally planned to go to a movie...but of course the movies we wanted to see didn't show at the time we could go. Jacob had his 9 month appointment at 3 pm that we decided to go hit a bucket of balls instead. It was my first time so I was preparing myself for a frustrating time. Maybe it was because Randy was so patient with me, but I actually had fun! Randy had bought me new clubs over a year ago and I hadn't used them at all. (They still had the plastic on them...) So this summer I think I might just take up golfing! I have so much to learn and I definitely need to practice, but I'm thinking golfing is my new hobby!

*Have any of you taken golfing lessons before? If so, how did it go? Was it worth it? And did it cost an arm and a leg? It's a possibility for me this summer, since I have ZERO skills, and ZERO experience.

It was a pretty chilly day on Wednesday, it started to rain while we were there. But it was still fun, I can't wait to golf again!

On another, more important note, Jacob's 9 month appointment went well. He is a healthy little guy. He got 2 shots but has done really well with them. He weighed 18.5 lbs and is 29.5 inches long. He's a tall boy! Hopefully he has Randy's height and not mine! He no longer likes baby food! So he's been trying a variety of 'real' food far so good, no allergies, and he seems to
have liked everything he has tried.


The Binghams... said...

so i have never taken golfing lessons but i know how you can get real good.... i have this video called from beginner to pro.. i told randy about it.. i will have to let you borrow it.. so shar and i can go with you guys. that would be sweet.

Stephanie said...

I used to go golfing with my brother a long long time ago. I really liked it. It is frustrating though because one time I would do so good and then the next it was like I had never been.

Joel said...

Tiger, eh? Is THAT what you call Randy these days?