Friday, April 25, 2008

Eating is fun!

Jacob has been having a fun couple of weeks! He has tried more new and exciting foods and has done really well with it. Except for the yogurt...but I promised Randy I wouldn't post pictures of "the incident" Let's just say the yogurt didn't agree with Jacob's stomach...that's all I'll say. Poor little guy! That's what I get for listening to my doctor's advice and not following my intuition! I asked her how much yogurt I should give him since he hadn't had it before...she say if he likes it "give him the whole thing"...hmm...I knew better but decided to give it all to him...bad idea :(

Other than that he has really enjoyed trying out new foods. His favorite lunch right now is chicken noodle soup with bread in it :)

One of my sisters asked me why he didn't eat off plates and instead ate off the table and it's because he just flips over the plate or tries to throw it off the a couple of days later when I was giving him chicken noodle soup I decided to take pictures of what happens when I put a plate/bowl in front of you see why now Ingrid? :)

He started 'scooting' on Tuesday :) I was so excited because he was behind me sitting down on the floor and all of a sudden I looked back and he was right behind me! So I put some toys in front of him to see if he had moved forward or if he had rolled ...and he used his legs to move forward! I didn't think he would crawl because he loves standing, especially in the pack n' play, so we'll see if he crawls. He is loving his new mobility though, and although it's nice because he's more independent, I have to keep a closer eye on him.

Happy drinking juice

Almost flipping over the bowl...


It tastes better off the table!

Happy eating yogurt...(before his stomach disagreed)


Stephanie said...

That is so sad that he didn't do good with the yogurt. Did you use the yo baby or just regular? I don't know the difference, just wondering. I can't give Benjamin bowls either. They end up in the floor along with all his food. I don't even give him a spoon that ends up on the floor too. That is exciting that he is scooting!! Watch out he will be into EVERYTHING!

Josh n' Katie said...

It was good seeing you guys before we left on our trip. We had fun in Washington/Oregon but it was way too short. Sorry, we would have stopped by on our way home Thursday but we ended up sleeping in a Walmart parking lot in Boise and then finishing the trip back to Utah on Friday. We'll talk to you later.

Joel said...

Holy cow!

The Taylor baby is mobile???

Watch out, world!