Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's past 10 pm and I was ready to go to sleep at least 3 hours ago! Why am I awake instead? Because I have heartburn! Nice!
Anyway, since I'm awake I thought I'd write a few of my thoughts today.

I am grateful for: (not in any specific order)

- Being a year older, because I hope to get better each year!
- Having such a thoughtful, helpful, hard-working, patient and loving husband.
- Having such a playful, loving, and sweet little boy.
- My Family- What would I do without my family? (immediate and extended)
- My sister in law Elisabeth and her family...you know why! You guys are so awesome!
- Surprises- I had a weekend full of them! :)
- Being a mom- It's the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding.
- Being pregnant- Yes, I know I complained about heartburn etc...but I still am grateful to be expecting...it is such an amazing experience, and a great blessing.
- Being able to be a stay at home mom- I love it!

- Serving a mission- It's incredible how much I learned and how much my mission shaped who I am today.
- Having sister Georgeanne Phillips as one of my companions in the mission- I served with her for over 6 months...and when you're out 18 months...that's a big part of your mission! I actually had a dream about her last night and that's why I thought about her today. I feel privileged to have been able to serve with her, and learn from her. She had to leave the mission field early because they found cancer...and a few months later she passed away. She is still an inspiration to me.

- Speaking another language (I just really hope I can teach it to my children...)
- The priesthood in my life (Just today Randy gave Jacob a blessing because he's sick (again)...I just feel so blessed that he is worthy to do that, and it fills me with such peace that things will be OK)
- Randy's sense of humor! My life would be so boring without it :)
- Spending time with Randy- He's the best!
- Modern medicine- How did people make it back in the day??
- Spring- I love the 'awakening' of all the trees and flowers.
- Nala- I really need to show my love and appreciation for her, she's such a lovable little dog!
...and the list goes on...

-Our sweet boy-

-This picture was taken on saturday- 32 weeks pregnant!

Little Nala


Stephanie said...

You look so cute! I love that little Jacob he is so sweet. I really like this post it makes me grateful for things that I have too. I have horrible heartburn too! I take zantac every day and it helps till about 4 then it gets bad again.

Kami and Spencer said...

Oh my gosh, Claudia!! I am so behind on blog-stalking, I did not even know you were pregnant! And with a girl! Yay! Congratulations, I am beyond excited for you. How fun. She is going to be beautiful!